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What's your LTC phase 2 survey experience like?

It's been at least two weeks since LTC Phase 2 survey went into effect. I have been monitoring some of the blogs and discussion boards to see what are the experiences of each facility with the new survey process. Would you be willing to share your experience? Here are some of the information shared over the blogs and discussion boards:

1. Resident voice - surveyors are talking a lot more to residents. Most surveyors are in the units, staying longer outside observing and interviewing residents.

2. On Day 2 of survey, surveyors have finished watching medication pass, dietary inspection and life safety.

3. Care plans - were looked at for a triggered patient, indicating that it is not "personalized" enough and surveyors gave suggestions. Yes, folks! Surveyors are giving suggestions. Another one, indicated that nursing documented concerns were not followed through the care plan and received a deficiency because of it. Another one shared her experience, indicating that they looked at baseline care plans.

4. Bowel and Bladder Incontinence - not developed for a patient that started having bowel incontinence.

5. Family interview - spoke to several family members that were in the facility. They (the surveyors) interviewed any family members encountered on the nursing stations.

6. Discharge Charts - review just a "few".

7. Surveyors are so visible on the floor - stayed most of the times outside.

8. CAAs & Staff interviews - staff were interviewed and given scenarios based on CAA triggers or care plans. Staff were asked how they will handle or take care of patients. Another person shared, that surveyors spent a lot of times with residents with a BIMs score>8.

9. Several shared their a different experience stating that surveyors were spending more time on the computers and very lengthy.

10. Readmission - surveyors looked hard on residents that have several admissions/re-admissions.

11. Resident Council - surveyors sat with resident on resident council just like before.

12. MDS accuracy and Care plan policies - requested a facility for these policies. Another building was told, surveyors requested "a lot" of new policies. What those policies are were not mentioned.

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