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Director of Staff Development

Job description



The Director of Staff Development is responsible for planning, conducting, and coordinating 
educational programs for the development and improvement of necessary skills and knowledge for all Skilled Nursing/Subacute Unit nursing personnel. The Director of Staff Development ensures that orientation and ongoing in-service programs are conducted according to facility policy and procedure, in compliance with all state and federal regulations. The Director of Staff Development will determine the educational needs of the facility through regular education needs assessments, through review of surveys by the regulatory agencies and through collaboration with the Director of Nursing and the Interdisciplinary Team.

Collaborates with all levels of unit nursing personnel, including the Director of Nurses, physicians, consultants, and the IDT in assessing needs and providing education to the facility. 


  • Current state licensure (either a registered nurse or licensed vocational nurse)

  • Completed nursing program or equivalent required

  • Current Basic Life Support Certification

  • Strong educational and organizational skills

  • Previous experience in long term care which includes direct care of the aged or chronically ill and/or experience in assessment of resident’s level of care

  • One year of direct resident care experience in a long term care facility and one year of experience in planning, implementing, and evaluating educational programs in the field of nursing or; two years full time experience as a licensed nurse, one year of which must be in a long term care facility; and completion of an approved 24 hour Director of Staff Development course within 6 months of hire


  • Must have strong communication skills, both oral and written

  • Must have knowledge and awareness of the care needs of the elderly and/or chronically ill

  • Must have knowledge and ability to teach adult learners

  • Must have basic computer skills

  • Must be able to organize, analyze, investigate and implement principles of infection control committee


  • Establishes Staff Development Department goals and objectives

  • Conducts an orientation program for all employees of the unit in accordance with all State and Federal long-term care and Subacute Regulations.

  • Maintains current Department of Health Services-approved facility programs for orientation and in-service training of certified nurse assistants (CNAs).

  • Coordinates and conducts 24 hours of in-service education annually for certified nursing assistants on all shifts.

  • Coordinates on-going in-service education specific to Skilled Nursing and Subacute care for all nursing staff assigned to the unit, as well as for other ancillary and support staff as requested by the facility.

  • Coordinates the staff competency program in accordance with Federal and State Standards.
    Develops an annual education and in-service calendar in accordance with all regulatory standards, and education needs assessment.

  • Completes and posts a monthly education and in-service calendar.

  • Maintains all staff education profiles and records of staff competencies 

  • Maintains records of all SNF/Subacute orientation, education and in-service programs.

  • Conducts monthly Mock Code Blue drills on the Subacute Unit, on all shifts.

  • Assists Certified Nursing Assistants with the re-certification process with the Department of Health Services.

  • Supports the overall goals of the facility and company through education.

  • Provides clinical supervision, training, and guidance to nursing assistants on an ongoing basis to enhance quality care.

  • Conducts clinical rounds, identifying problems and establishing educational programs to meet the needs of the unit.

  • Participates in staff meetings to provide and obtain information regarding the effectiveness of educational programs.

  • Conducts regular educational needs assessments; coordinates and provides programs to meet identified needs.

  • Provides in-services as required to correct deficiencies noted during surveys.


  • Interacts with customers, families, visitors, facility and subsidiary personnel;

  • Carries out other tasks as requested in situations where hands-on intervention/participation may be required.

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