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Director of Nursing

Job description


The Director of Nursing has 24-hour accountability and is responsible for the delivery of high-quality and cost-effective health care while achieving positive clinical outcomes, and patient/family and employee satisfaction. He/she is responsible for the overall operations, integration, coordination and direction of nursing and patient care within the Facility. Additionally, he/she ensures that care delivery is consistent with the mission, vision, values and policies of facility and in accordance with accepted standards of practice, state and federal regulations and licensing requirements. 

The DON participates in the Facility’s strategic planning and budget preparation. In order to accomplish this, the Director of Nursing identifies and develops an effective leadership team to coordinate clinical, educational and operational activities and ensures that this team possesses the clinical expertise and certifications required for the patient population. 

Collaborates with all levels of unit nursing personnel, including the Director of Nurses, physicians, consultants, and the IDT in assessing needs and providing education to the facility. 


  • Graduate of an accredited school of nursing, college or university with a current registered nurse licensure by the State Board of Nursing.

  • A minimum of five years full-time or equivalent clinical experience with at least two years’ experience in nursing supervision in the long-term care setting is required.

  • BSN preferred.

  • This position requires that the employee is able to read, write, speak and understand the spoken English language to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients and visitors at the work site when responding to their medical and physical needs.

  • Must provide verification of TST (tuberculin skin test) as required by state law and in accordance with facility policy. TSTs will be administered at the work site if required.


  • Must have strong communication skills, both oral and written.

  • Must have knowledge and awareness of the care needs of the elderly and/or chronically.

  • Must have knowledge and ability to teach adult learners.

  • Must have basic computer skills.

  • Must be able to organize, analyze, investigate and implement principles of infection control committee.


  • Demonstrates leadership, organizational and critical thinking skills.

  • Strong interpersonal skills.

  • Excellent management skills.

  • Knowledge of computer use.

  • Ability to create a patient-facility environment.

  • Knowledgeable of Reliant policies and procedures, MDS process, state nurse practice acts, and state and federal regulations.


  • Interacts with customers, families, visitors, facility and Reliant subsidiary personnel;

  • Carries out other tasks as requested in situations where hands-on intervention/participation may be required.



  • Works with the Administrator to develop, allocate and control the budget for the Department of Nursing Services

  • Actively participates in the facility’s business planning process

  • Manages staffing:

          i. Determines the staffing needs of the Nursing department necessary to meet the nursing                     needs of the patients

         ii. Recruits, interviews, hires, on-boards, and orients professional nursing staff

        iii. Provides oversight and approves nursing department schedules to include position control                and pay practices

        iv. Reviews and evaluates the performance of nursing staff as well as counsels staff according to              established company personnel policy

        v. Provides direction to nurse management regarding Individual Performance Improvement                    Plans, problem resolution, and disciplinary actions

       vi. Recommends and facilitates employee promotions, transfers and terminations

      vii. Proactively participates in labor relations activities

  • Collaborates and coordinates with other departments to provide timely effective care consistent with individuals’ needs, choices and preferences

  • Ensures there is a safe, coordinated and thorough discharge planning process in place

  • Fosters a strong partnership between the medical staff and the department of nursing

  • Makes recommendations to the Administrator regarding nursing care equipment/supplies
    required to meet the needs of the patients and assures that adequate supplies are available

  • Promotes a culture of safety to ensure a healthy practice and living environment

  • Plans and facilitates meetings to address patient care, survey and/or standards of care issues

  • Participates in Facility meetings such as Utilization Management, Customer at Risk

Quality Improvement etc. as needed

  • Maintains professional relationships with community, payers, and referral sources

  • Assumes administrative responsibilities of the Facility for weekend and holiday coverage as

  • Stays and works beyond scheduled shift if needed to meet state staffing requirements and/or
    needs of patients

Clinical Leadership

  • Effectively plans, organizes, directs and implements a comprehensive facility-wide nursing program

  • Provides nursing leadership in order to meet the goals of the Reliant organization and the

  • individual facility

  • Creates an environment that is respectful, team oriented and responsive to the concerns of staff, patients and families.

  • Completes daily rounds on the units to observe patients and to determine if nursing needs are being met

  • Provides patient care when required;

  • Monitors nursing care to ensure positive clinical outcomes;

  • Ensures Point Click Care (PCC) is utilized according to the Business Processes;

  • Communicates on a formal basis with staff on all shifts through routine staff meetings;

  • Ensures a process is in place for communication between licensed nursing staff and CNAs during and between shifts

  • Ensures a process is in place to provide shift-to-shift communication between incoming and outgoing nursing staff

  • Ensures timely and accurate compliance of the MDS process and that it reflects the patient's plan of care

  • Reviews prospective admissions in relation to existing nursing capabilities and ensures readiness to treat

  • Ensures that patient's attending physician and family or responsible party are promptly notified of any significant change in the patient's health condition

Registry (Per Diem) available in these locations



Southern California

Los Angeles County 

Orange County

Northern California

San Mateo County

Marin County 

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Direct Hire available in these locations




Mill Valley, CA

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